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Additionally, we are the foremost choice of many as the Electrical Turnkey Project Contractor due to the timely availability of the eservice and at the most nominal prices.


We specialize in Electrical Trunkey projects. The electrical turnkey projects at MLTC Energy include designing, engineering, supervision, planning, and all other related electrical requirements. Our services are designed to bring out best quality and performance. Our experienced technicians and engineers supervise and execute the project right from the beginning till the end.


Engineered to perfection, our wide range of Electrical Panels successfully meets the demands of clients in various industries further, to meet the specific requirements of clients in diverse industries; these can also be customized as per the details provided by customers. We are one of the recognized names in the industry for designing and supplying an array of Electrical Panels.


Main objective of earthing is to provide an alternative path for the fault current to flow so that it does not endanger the user of damage the equipment. The Earthing Material provided by us is quality assured and are used for power distribution. Offered at market leading prices these are widely used in Power and Telecom industry to protect from electric shocks.our range of earthing material are highly preferred.


A transformer is an electrical device that transfers electricity from one circuit to another with change in voltage, current, phase or other electric characteristics. Transfer of electricity from one circuit to another is purely by magnetic coupling, without relative motion of any part. Transformers are essential in high voltage power transmission providing an economical means of transmitting power over large distances.


Energy conservation through use of more energy efficient electrical devices. More energy requiring luminaries like incandescent lamps should give way to less energy requiring CFL and LED tubes and bulbs. Even then it has been seen that the electric current drawn is much more than actually required. Use of energy savers helps in reducing the energy wasted by optimizing the voltage and current to optimum levels.


Power Quality is becoming more prevalent today and the need for an audit is justified because all machines are designed to work on clean power without disturbances. With proactive approach our Power Quality Audit system helps you in solving power problems. It identifies & addresses the reliability concern issues very well. We use state of the art equipments for data collection & site monitoring process.

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